This blog is to document my 1993 240SX build and my life in general as it progresses. I purchased the car in 2008, modified and enjoyed it for several years, and parted out the car in 2012. Two years later in November of 2014, my friend that I sold the chassis to offered it back to me. I’ve been rebuilding and enjoying it ever since! Thanks for reading.


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  1. BJ says:

    Cool blog man, I like the puppy and how your cat is all over the new boxes of everything. My cat is the same way when my parts arrive. Check my build blog of my evo out also.

  2. Adam Thompsen says:

    Man, a buddy of mine stumbled across your blog while researching things for my 240 and I must say I can not stop reading every bit. Seeing where your car came from to what it is now gives me lots of hope for my car! Keep it up!

  3. Cihan Efe Gurses says:

    for my opinion . this is #1 rs13 in the world… what a build…

  4. Adam Thompsen says:

    Hey man its me again I’ve have been meaning to ask you this since your last post but will you keep me informed with your chasebays customer experience? And quality of product. I’ve been reading up a lot about his company and saw he was kinda “shady” with a couple people. But haven’t read anything since the few forum posts posted back in 09. Thanks man again keep it up.

    • They have been nothing but stand-up guys with me so far. Awesome hook up and great customer service. The parts arrived quickly and they all look great so far! I’ll kep the blog updated about their parts later this winter for sure.

  5. tam Do says:

    nice build. really legit. what sizes are your te37s?

  6. Flush_240 says:

    hey man nice 240 im from the michigan area to. you bringing it out to woodward
    good to see that there are other JDM’s in michigan mad respect

  7. enthusiast says:

    Hey man, I want to say I wanna be just like you! lol
    But really, what do you work as to support your build :O
    I want to start a s13 build just like it, but idk about building engine and all that wire tucking you did.
    I am only in auto body school trying to learn as much as I can, How did you get to learn body work, fabrication, AND building engines etc. Did you go to sometype of 6month tech school? or 2year college degree. Sorry for asking all these questions but i really want to get into it. Your car is inspiring.

  8. Flatout180 says:

    Love the car man.Here in Ireland most the 180s have being broken up or they are complete drift slags. Its refreshing to see a clean kouki car just dropped on a nice set of wheels.Its such a simple look that works so well

    Shameless plug Check out my tumblr and let us know what you think.

  9. arron says:

    Hey man, i’ve just bought a mk2 cozy coupe to do the same as you did with sone different ideas, and would like some tips and what not on how to do it, i am trained as a mechanic im england, but having only just finished my training, in the grand scheme of things i dont have a lot of experience when it comes to a build such as the cozy coupe… perhaps you could email me and you could give me some advice.

  10. kotaro says:

    Hey love the build. Where did your friend get the grex shift knobs? Ive been looking for one for half a year now. Please help!

  11. Chris Lantrip says:

    Hey man, Awesome car.

    Was just wondering the specs on those Work CR Kai wheels? Looking to get a pair for myself

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