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Getting Things Handled

Like I have mentioned previously, my hope was to create a long post for restoring each category/section of the car, but I’m just not sure that is the most effective way to do things as the process is very much … Continue reading

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Interior Restoration: Part 2

It’s been a little difficult to document and keep track of everything going on with my car lately, but I’m doing my best to post content in a way that makes sense. It’s difficult for me since I’m pretty OCD … Continue reading

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What Every Aging S13 Needs: Replacement Weatherstripping

Today’s post focuses on another S13 component that is often overlooked- the weatherstripping. If your experience with these cars has been anything like mine, you’ve probably noticed that water leaks from just about everywhere you can imagine. It has become … Continue reading

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Molding Madness

The condition of the moldings (or trim as it is often referred to) on my S13 is one of those things I have never really noticed or paid much attention to over the years. I guess that way of thinking … Continue reading

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Interior Restoration – Part 1

I’ve decided to embark on a years long restoration of my S13, as opposed to continuing to make further aftermarket modifications. I will attempt to provide helpful information for other members of the community should they also decide to follow … Continue reading

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A Changed Perspective

If the projects I chose to undertake this past winter have taught me anything, it’s that shifting my focus from modifying my S13 to restoring the aging chassis is a shift in the right direction. Lately I’ve found more enjoyment … Continue reading

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Progress Report

I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since my last update, but I guess that’s what happens around this time of year. Things get hectic around the holidays and priorities shift for the better to focus on being with … Continue reading

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