Living The Dream…

I need to update this more. If you’re reading this, sorry!

I haven’t done much on the engine front since my last update. Soon, I am going to take a day and head out to Grand Rapids to finish assembly of the engine. I pretty much have little things to take care of and clear up, then I can bolt the flywheel/clutch/trans on and haul the motorset back to the car. My wife and I are moving into our new home (with a GARAGE!) on May 21st. I want to have the engine sitting in the car before I tow it out to the new garage to make life easier, so that’s my goal. It’s tough without having much free time these days.

I sold my Defi gauges- I loved them, but I got a crazy offer on them that I couldn’t refuse and came out with a pretty awesome profit as a result. I will now be running three gauges total- AEM digitial Boost, Oil Pressure, and A/F Ratio.

I got all of my exterior parts back from paint. The spoiler, rear valences, front and rear bumpers, and front lip all came out pretty nice. The hatch, side skirts, and front fenders looked pretty bad. They were full of runs and imperfections. I took those in to Superior Collision on Monday to be redone and they should be back any day now. I have decided to keep using my stock fenders for now and have the other ones redone later.

I got a chance to mock up the front end last night, as well as reinstall my rear bumper. I should have the rear valences, hatch, spoiler, and side skirts on next week. Here are some pics with the bumper and lip mocked up, held on by two zip ties:

For some reason I sold my Ganador mirrors… if you know of anyone selling a set, let me know! My rear wheels came from Work a few weeks ago and are in for paint- 17×9 +17 F, 18×9.5 +12 R:

I love Japanese translations!

Wheels going in for paint (They will be silver).

And one more thing… I just bought this bad boy to replace my Corbeau yesterday. It should be here next week:

Bride Zeta III Type L

So that’s about it for now. I just got the call while making this post that my hatch and side skirts are painted and ready for pick up, so I should have those things installed soon- possibly tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Olly says:

    Gonna be so awesome man!

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