Fun Weekend

So I helped my friends Tim and Greg swap Greg’s black S13 hatch this weekend- Single slammer to Redtop SR swap. It was a lot of fun and a good experience for me- it made me really confident about reinstalling my motor. They pulled the KA on Friday night, I helped most of the day Saturday with getting everything set up, and they had it running Sunday morning after picking up a few things they were missing. Tim’s uncle has a barn with 3 lifts in it- so nice! Here are a couple pics from the weekend:

(Images Lost)

On Sunday night, I spent some time on my car. Finally installed my clear headlight lenses… had some stripped screws to take care of. The intercooler is just mocked up- I was checking fitment of the front bumper with the intercooler there:

(Image Lost)

Put the hatch panels in a friend gave me. I just need to clean back there and make a floor board so that I can haul stuff back there without it sinking into the spare tire well:

Door panels went back in. Still need to put some trim pieces back when the engine/trans are back in and the Power FC/gauges are fully installed. I’ll redo the suede this summer since it didn’t come out very well:

Installed the JDM vent visors as well:

And one of the seat:

The Ganadors will be back from paint and installed someday this week. Wheels by the weekend, I hope! They are prepped and should be sprayed any day now…

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