Happy New Year!

So I think I am finally starting to get back into the swing of things after having some nice time off for the holidays. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

I finally got motivated enough to work on the car the other night. I worked on getting my Tomei shifter installed, but ran into a snag with it. It seems like the input portion is about a half inch longer than my B&M, so it doesn’t want to sit flush with the transmission housing. Not sure what the scoop is- it sounds like it is the correct shifter for a 240, but I haven’t managed to make it work yet. I’m going to keep messing with it and hopefully I can get it to work!

I also got my Energy Suspension front and rear sway bar bushings from EnergySuspensionParts.com the other day, so I started to install those. I have had a couple of great experiences with them now- always in stock and fast shipping! The stock bushings are super tired, so I am glad they are being replaced. Basically the only thing stock left in my rear end as far as bushings/arms go, aside from the sway bar itself.

I got some pretty awesome Christmas gifts, including a rolling tool box from my wife, but this was for sure one of the cooler gifts I got. Kyle over at Excellent Barfs sent me this baller Rays/Volk umbrella. Can’t wait for it to rain! Thanks again, man.

So that’s about it for now. I am installing my D-Max coilovers as well- I’ve got the rear of the car just about back together. It has been four weeks since I ordered the Cusco cage today, so that officially puts me in the 4-8 week window for that to arrive. Still crossing my fingers that it shows up in the somewhat near future!

My CR Kais are still for sale as well. I am willing to sell them with the tires if that helps sway anyone’s decision. Let me know if you are interested! Camryonsteelies (at) gmail (dot) com!


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