My R35 Build…

Of the 1/24 variety, lol. My in-laws got me this Tamiya R35 GTR Model for Christmas- it’s pretty cool. It has been really snowy lately and I don’t have much motivation to work on my car, so this had been a fun hobby for me to pursue. I used to build 1/24 scale models a lot with my dad when I was a kid, so it brings back fun memories.

Here are some photos after Day 1- and when I say day, I mean about 2 hours on Tuesday night, haha.

So here is the box, with my TYPE X model I just finished in the background. I have some TEs on the way for that and want to try wet sanding the paint a bit. It was a good first practice model- hoping to do another cooler one when I get better.

The box- my TYPE X in the background.


Brakes painted...

Dash stuff painted, decals added...

Pretty detailed!


So that’s about where it sits for now. I should have a chance to work on it some more tonight.

As for the real car, I got word that my cage should be here by the end of January. I am going to start pulling the rest of the interior apart to have room to work with when it arrives. Getting pretty pumped for it! Thanks for reading…


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2 Responses to My R35 Build…

  1. bhworld says:

    model builds = the new real car build!

  2. haha yeah man! Everyone’s doing it!

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