Import Alliance Pt 1

It’s taken me a minute to get around to updating the blog, but my wife and I spent almost a week in Tennessee hanging at Import Alliance and celebrating our two year wedding anniversary. I’m going to try to toss together a series of a few blog posts to recap the trip- it won’t really be coverage of the event (since I didn’t take many pictures or walk around a lot,) but more about our trip and experience. Most of these will be pictures from my Droid Incredible 2, but I will add some from our DSLR as well.

So, with that being said, let’s get this show on the road!

My wife Alicia and I both worked all day on Thursday, so naturally we left the packing until Thursday night, lol. I dropped the dog off with my Aunt after work and headed home to get ready to leave. I got the car all washed and packed up while Alicia finished her packing and we finally hit the pillows at about 1:30 AM or so.

I think we got up at 6:30 on Friday morning and were on the road by 7. It had rained overnight, which was a surprise and was not in the forecast, so washing my car was sort of a waste of time. Naturally, by the time we were through Lansing, the skies cleared up and the tiny blip of rain that had been hanging over us was gone. Here we are after hopping on I-69 from I-96, about 40 minutes into the trip:

Entering the next state on our journey, lovely Indiana:

Everyone knows it doesn’t take long for the lady’s feet to find their way to the dash on a road trip… (don’t worry, she had permission. lol.)

We stopped to stretch and hit the restrooms a ways into Indiana. My heel was already starting to hurt from not having cruise control. It felt really good to stretch…

After about five hours or so of driving, we arrived at our first destination in Columbus, IN at Buffalo Wild Wings. We were about 45 minutes ahead of schedule somehow, so we stopped into Walmart to hang out in the air conditioning. We had only been on the road for a few hours and it was already starting to get super hot. Black car – air conditioning = huge bummer. Alicia decided to pick up one of these bad boys, which actually helped a lot lol:

As soon as we finished up at Walmart, Kyle texted me to say that he and Jason had arrived over at Bdubs, so we cruised across the parking lot to meet them. Kyle and Jason are both from Illinois- a bit south of Chicago, so they had a shorter cruise over to the checkpoint than we did. We hung out in the AC at the restaurant for quite a while and enjoyed the food…

On the way out, we gassed up the cars and began our trek down to Checkpoint 3 of the Honda Tech Caravan in Shepardsville, Kentucky…

I think I’ll stop there for now- in my next post I’ll run through meeting up with the HT Caravan and the rest of our journey to Merfreesboro! Thanks for reading.


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