Slow Progress

My cousin came over last night and helped me with the transmission. I know it seems like it has been taking forever, but I have had about a total of an hour to work on the car since I lost 5th gear last Wednesday. Just too busy to work on it at the moment.

Yesterday after work I ran to Harbor Freight and bought a transmission jack, which was a nightmare since the staff there is always clueless. After I finally got out of there, I made it out to Mike’s place and picked up the replacement transmission. My cousin Nick met me at the house, and after some much needed Jimmy John’s we got to work at around 7 PM.

It took us quite a while to get the trans to drop, but we finally got it out. We tried spinning it around 90 and 180 degrees, but it still wouldn’t clear. I am guessing the Cusco mounts had something to do with that. Finally, we loosened the front subframe and the trans dropped right out. I transferred my NISMO pivot ball over and the replacement trans is ready to go in.

Out with the old, in with the "new."

Pretty much the same shot I posted Friday, but now with progress, lol. A friend is coming over tonight to help me toss the new one in- my fingers are crossed that we will be pretty much done by the end of the night.

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