Chicago WEeKend: WekFest Chicago 2011 Pt.1

See what I did there? lol.

Sorry about slacking on the updates! It seems that I have been crazy busy lately. But anyway, as you guys know my transmission decided to take a dump just over a week before I was supposed to drive four hours to Chicago for WekFest. Thankfully, I had a lot of help from some friends and was able to get it all back together and running by Wednesday night. I drove it to and from work on Thursday and everything seemed good, so I was basically ready to rock!

Pre-Wek Bath

The car was filthy from rain and being worked on, so I spent Friday going over the whole thing and cleaning it up the best I could. I knew that it would probably rain on the way there as a result, but I went for it anyway. I rolled out at about 3:30 on Friday afternoon, only to find that I-96 W was completely gridlocked by the on ramp near my house. Thinking that I would take a side road West to get around it, I found that that was also at a dead stop. Bummer. I ended up heading East instead and driving down through Ann Arbor before picking up I-94 to head out of town that way. It was about 15 or 20 minutes out of the way, but at least I was moving. I can’t stand sitting in traffic jams…

Pre-Wek fillup in Friday traffic.

The drive out there was really nice and problem free. It was a bit hot, but I picked up some Mt Dew Voltage and Shock Tarts at the gas station on the way, which was a brilliant choice. Traffic moved right along smoothly until I hit Lakeshore Drive and was within five miles from my brother’s apartment. It ended up taking me about 45 minutes to make it through the madness on Lake Shore, but at least it was a cool view. I always get goosebumps rolling into Chicago- it’s a really cool place for sure.

It's always weird when most of the screen is water, lol.

"Chi City," As Mr. West would say.

Navy Pier peeking over the k-rail.

Lake Michigan on the right...

And Chicago skyline on the left. Too cool.

My brother was kind enough to park his girlfriend Stevie’s car on the street for me and let me use their parking pass for the spot they have in an alley right behind the apartment complex. That way it was off of the street and tucked in the back so that I didn’t come out to find it on blocks in the morning or something, haha. We ordered some Jimmy John’s and mostly just chilled for the night. Their apartment was pretty cool and their two cats were super entertaining. Climbing all over everything, lol.

Pepper and Scout. Awesome kittahs.

At about midnight or so, Jordan and I took the car out onto 94 to mess around. My brother used to be big into cars with me and had a swapped Subaru 2.5 RS, but due to some shady tuning (from a shop that will remain nameless) the engine blew up about a year or so ago. Now that he lives in Chicago, he doesn’t have a car there aside from his lady Stevie’s car, so I think that bums him out a bit. He is working to build the motor in the Subaru with my cousin right now, so hopefully they follow through with that. But anyway, I planned my fuel usage poorly and had well over a quarter tank of fuel, so we had to go out and do some rips to burn enough fuel to get into McCormick place. Annoying, but it had to be done. After messing around for a while, we headed home and got some sleep.

That’s all I’ve got time for today- I’ll get into the actual show and the rest of the trip in my next post! Hopefully that will be tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


PS- Huge shout out to Jay at JDM Ego for the kind words! Check out his blog if you haven’t before- super talented designer dude that is building one awesome Evo!

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