Winter Blues 2012

I officially have the winter blues when it comes to cars, lol. Everything else in life is going well, and the car project is basically right on schedule- this is just the time of the year where I get discouraged.

I’ll be heading down to Illinois to hang out with Toby and Kyle this Friday, so that will make for a fun weekend. Planning to stop and meet up with Tony and Max in Indiana along the way as well. It will be good to hang with some Zilvia bros and hopefully get some motivation. I’ll be wrapping a set of door panels in red BRIDE logo fabric while I am down there too, so that should get me pumped to reassemble the interior.

Here is how the car sits at the moment. I’m on round three of the filler on the passenger side and haven’t started applying it to the driver’s side just yet. I am already super sick of sanding, lol. I have no idea how Toby managed to devote so much time to this portion of his build, but I have a feeling I will be coming up a little short quality wise when compared to his bay:

I won’t be able to work on this thing much at all until March 2nd. That’s the day my wife and I get home from our pre-baby vacation. I took the day off, because I know I am going to be anxious to get to work on this thing as we move into March. I’m still confident that I can have this thing home from paint and back in the garage sometime in mid-March, so let’s hope that happens.

I just want to do this already…

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2 Responses to Winter Blues 2012

  1. Oriol Brull says:

    The good thing is that you can’t leave it like that, so you have to finish the job!

    You’ve been here before so I know you’ll pull through and come out with a great looking bay once again. Keep it up!

  2. titopr06 says:

    keep it going damon!!!

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