I had some unexpected free time this afternoon (best wife ever) and managed to get a good amount of work done on the car! I got the exhaust bolted up, the lower engine harness lengthened/stripped/ installed, put the downpipe and catback on, hooked up the battery, and finished a lot of other random details. I’m happy to report that the car has power!

It’s always a great feeling to hear the door chime, see the lights come on, and hear the fuel pump prime after a long winter. I’m looking forward to firing it up by this weekend!

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7 Responses to POWER!

  1. PancerzSX says:

    So i know this is unrelated to this post but, what size are your TEs? I’m workin on something and i need to know. When I’m done i’ll send some pics : ) you’ll like it. I love where you’ve taken this thing. I still remember the day i signed onto xceed and saw what was left of the solara, i cried a little. And then you bought this and as the pics show, it used to deserve the license plate. Now it’s just irony. Great build man, keep up the immaculate attention to detail.

  2. pancerzsx says:

    Where did you manage to get a hold of a miracle x bar? Soap?

  3. pancerzsx says:

    Is that how you got the do-luck bar too?

    • Yep, that one was for sale on zilvia too! Lol.

      • pancerzsx says:

        From what i’ve seen zilvia seems to be the place to get cool jdm stuff. I soooo want to build either a type x or a 6666 coupe. I haven’t had one since the chuki s13 i had like 3 years ago and looking at all this makes me feel empty : ( but I’ve been talking to my wife and I’m getting one next spring. I may ask you to borrow some expertise when that happens 😉 I don’t know much about SRs, I helped my friend zack do his swap. I think you guys were talking back then. He had super clean red chuki that we put a S13 blacktop with a S15 t28 in. To my knowledge it’s still sitting, It ‘s really a shame.

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