Managed to get the wheels on the car yesterday while babysitting the little one, so I was pretty happy about that! I didn’t leave the compound to take pics because there was a super bad accident on the highway by my house, and all traffic both directions was being routed past my neighborhood. Sorry about the pics sucking, the location being the same as always, and the car being dirty. I’ll have to give it another try soon!

I also scored a Pivot knob over the weekend:


It’s cool to see the crappy Photoshopped pics I have been making for months come to life, lol! I am really happy with the look of the car right now. I’ve still got some fine tuning to do with height and camber before I get the car in for an alignment. I am going to finally start on the Ikeya FLCAs tonight if things so my way!


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6 Responses to :p

  1. Chris Ventimiglia says:

    Looks amazing, I don’t know why people were questioning your wheel choice.
    The rear looks perfect, but the front wheels look a bit small maybe? either way, looks great, hope to see it in person soon. That shifter is….. um, Interesting. Never seen anything like that before

  2. Henry says:

    Looks awesome Damon! Wheels are sharp and classy, suit the car well. I had an ’89 240sx, bought it right when it came out…loved it. That shifter looks slippery to say the least, I’m sure it’ll make for some interesting conversation!

  3. rocketogre says:

    Not gonna lie, I was one of the people that was like “it’s perfect why change it?” . Now I’m totally sold on them, they look stellar. I will say, that blue drift button is not doing it for me. I dunno what color it needs, maybe silver, but blue is just standing out like a sore thumb for some reason. Looking great man, your an inspiration.

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