Sunday Drive

Finally got this thing in decent enough shape to try taking it out for a spin on the main roads. It seems to be running well, but the alignment is pretty jacked up. Still rubbing a bit on all four corners, so I’ve got to spend some time with fine tuning the alignment this week. Always moving at a snail’s pace these days, but family time comes first!

Three and a half weeks until my trip down to visit Kyle and Toby, so I’ve gotta have this thing ready for the six or so hour drive by then. If you’re an Instagram user, feel free to check me out @camryonbronze. I have found myself posting there more lately than here. Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Sunday Drive

  1. Paradise says:

    Your car has inspired me to resurrect my ’90 that’s been dormant for 6+ yrs. I’ve owned it since ’94 and it’s 3 months into becoming a type x.
    I’m starting with what seems to be hard-to-get items. Got the type-x lights and trim. Now the wing.

    Q. is your wing OEM or replica? I think I just got duped and picked up a nice looking replica. Not what I wanted…Zilivia forums buy. Live and learn.

    Thanks for your fantastic blog and inspiration.

    • Hey thanks a lot man! My wing is indeed OEM. I quesitoned mine too, because it almost seems like it is really poor quality to be an OEM piece. if it has two holes and a clip on each post that it attaches with, it is probably OEM! Good luck with the build!

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