Broadfield BBQ 2012

For the third year in a row since I have known those guys, I decided to make the trek down to Toby’s place for his annual Nissan BBQ. It’s usually a small gathering of primarily Illinois 240 dudes, with a few other cars thrown in from time to time. Always a good group of people and fun to hang out with my friends down there.

I’m always nervous about a long trip like this in the 240, but to this day it hasn’t let me down on a long road trip. Despite the dribbles of coolant, oil, and trans fluid on the garage floor the night before my departure, as well as a rubbing rear wheel and a front wheel with a slow leak, I decided to give it a shot. I tossed a few random tools in the car for good measure and let the car warm up in the driveway for a bit early on Friday morning.

It was for sure cold out, but it didn’t seem too crazy. I think it was about 50 or so when I left. I gassed up in town (while being asked what kind of car it is and if I race it, of course) before jumping on the freeway and heading West. As is customary in my part of the country, a lifted Diesel truck decided to get in front of me and play the song of his people for me for about a mile, spewing black smoke in my path the entire way. Kind and import-loving people, those Michiganders.

Things starting to brighten up just before the diesel smoke show began.

Despite the rear wheel hitting the inside of the chassis occasionally on large bumps and a myriad of random vibrating/squeaking noises, the drive seemed to be going pretty well. It was cloudy but rain free, which was a plus. I did foresee the need for wipers after my recent rainy drive, so I was happy to have those installed on the car again. The lack of heater core was really becoming a bummer, though.

Michigan rest stop. Too much to drink for breakfast- oops.


Gassing up in Indiana just before Illinois state line.

About four hours into the drive, I hit some rain. Thankfully it was never too heavy and didn’t really cause any issues. Very comforting to have the fuse boxes inside of the car, as opposed to in the fender wells in the past.

When things get flat and all you see are cornfields, you know it is almost party time.

Obligatory creep wind farm shot.

After about five hours and forty-five minutes, I arrived at Toby’s shop. For some reason I didn’t really take too many pictures past this point in the trip, but I know someone at the BBQ took some really nice shots. I’ll be sure to post them up when I get them.

Parked at Toby’s shop.

The step brothers at it again…

Fortunately, the drive home was rather uneventful as well, aside from kids trying to race me while I was trying to eat McDonald’s. Never a good time, lol.

Sadly, despite this being only one of two big drives I took the car on this summer, the weather seems to be taking a turn for the worse. I’ll probably only have the car out for another couple of weeks, and then it will be time to tuck her away for the season. It’s just too cold to drive this thing in 30 degree temps without heat, haha. I’ll be sure to get a few more updates in before the time comes, though. Thanks for reading!





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1 Response to Broadfield BBQ 2012

  1. Tim Moffatt says:

    Sweet ride! Nice shots of your car. I really like the last one of the two stepbrothers, haha, and the first one with the lights on. Hope you enjoyed the BBQ!!

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