A Little Progress…

Slowly but surely making a little progress on the Evo. I installed my ARC upper intercooler pipe after the couplers arrived the other day, and I am really happy with the look now. I just need to replace my battery this weekend (it’s five years old- and yellow) and clean the bay up a bit. Winter is really making it look nasty under there.

I also installed my HKS Kansai CF timing belt cover that I found on SoCalEvo.net. Awesome little piece!

The stock timing belt cover turned out to be cracked, so I was kind of glad I replaced it.

One quick pic after installing the UICP:

Toby Broadfield is more or less done with my custom gauge pod, so I went ahead and ordered the necessary fittings to install my Defi oil pressure and oil temp sensors. Toby is a crazy perfectionist- I am so excited to see this piece. He’s going to paint my ash tray and shifter trim for me as well to ensure that everything matches flawlessly. Here’s a teaser shot he sent me:

Oil sensor fittings:

Lastly, I picked up a Works Bell SPLASH short hub and Rapfix II quick release for a crazy good deal from the gent that I got the HKS Kansai timing cover from out in Cali. Don’t really need the quick release, but I got both for less than the short hub usually sells for, so I couldn’t resist. Hopefully I can get this in the car sometime soon- maybe when I install the other interior components.

We got some snow a couple of days ago- not as much as forecasted, but I’m still really enjoying having a fun car to drive in the winter. At this point, I’m really ready for spring time and some warmer weather!

Thanks for reading- really trying to keep this up to date! Appreciate it.


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1 Response to A Little Progress…

  1. Matt says:

    Wow, the Evo must be awesome in winter weather, although I’d be scared of other drivers…haha!

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