Project Cozy Coupe

Ever since I found out I was going to become a dad, I’ve wanted to try my hand at modifying a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. All of our neighbors’ kids had them and they all looked exactly the same. My wife and I bought one for our daughter Kinsey back in February and she has a lot of fun with it, but I wasn’t allowed to hack up the brand new coupe.

Fortunately, our neighbors down the street were moving out last week and decided not to bring their Cozy Coupe with them. It’s the older model (MKII vs. Kinsey’s current MKIV if you know the CC generations) but I sort of wanted to have an older one as a project car and a newer model as her daily commuter.

Pushing the new project home:

Kinsey still uses the floor in her newer model CC, so I’ll need to add one somehow to this car.

Sweet camber thanks to bent axles…

Once we got it home, it was time to start tearing into it…

I was pleased to make some decent progress on the first night of work. I ended up coming up with a way to lower the car to a more suitable height by relocating the rear axle and converting the front to a solid axle design. It won’t steer anymore, but it is going to be wildly impractical when finished anyway.

Here’s a mockup of the new height:

Next will be cutting the body to move the tires in a bit and adding some classic Japanese-inspired fender flares. I’ve got a lot planned, so stick around to see what comes together. Hoping to make some more progress next week!

Oh, and I’ll have an update on the Evo soon too.


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9 Responses to Project Cozy Coupe

  1. Corrie says:

    This is possibly the most excited I have ever been about a build. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  2. Derrick mcquillen says:

    I like this project more than the Evo. Jk lol

  3. Taylor says:

    blog bookmarked – be a dad soon myself

  4. Dieter says:

    great inspiration man. i saw this a while back. but now my kids 5…fits in a cozy with about only a 2″ chop… but youve given me inspiration. i actually picked up two cozys for him and his 4 yr old cousin…. big plans for them before the “car” season starts here in chicago.

    thanx for the ideas.


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