Slowly But Surely…

I’m going to do my best to update this every Tuesday, with additional updates in between as progress is made. Since last time, my new OEM Toyota 1JZ R154 bell housing arrived for the manual conversion. This is needed in order to mate the MK3 Supra R154 transmission with the Aristo VVTi 2JZGTE:

I’m planning to order the bolts to install this along with a slew of other supporting drivetrain parts from Drift Motion by the end of the week. This will include the JZA80 Supra clutch pedal assembly, clutch master, clutch line, slave cylinder, etc. Hopefully that will more or less give me everything I need to mate the transmission to the engine. Here’s another shot of the Exedy twin plate clutch:

Over the weekend I removed the front bumper and crash beam, as I will need that stuff out of the way to install the intercooler. The bumper and headlights are in pretty rough shape, so I think eventually they will need to be replaced. It’s all about getting it running at this point though:

Last night I continued on by unbolting the core support, washer fluid tank, AC condenser, and other miscellaneous items up front that I won’t need. I’m going to try to retain the A/C if possible:

I also did some work on the interior. Removed the steering wheel and column trim, radio, and climate control. Hoping to have the dash out soon for two reasons- to make room for the clutch pedal and master cylinder install, and to install the new black dash.

Speaking of black interior, a bunch of the interior items arrived this morning via Greyhound:

I’ll be picking up the MAF sensor from the post office today. My engine is scheduled to be delivered this evening as well, so it should be a fun night. I’ll probably post a second update this week to cover the engine’s arrival. Thanks for reading!


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4 Responses to Slowly But Surely…

  1. therealregis says:

    Looks like you’re making some good progress. How are you going to handle the shift boot area? I’m not very familiar, is there a factory option or will it be all custom?

    • This car was only available in an auto, so there isn’t a factory option. Most people modified the automatic shifter trim and add a boot, so that’s probably what I will do.

  2. titopr06 says:

    that was fast damon!!!!

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