My wife had to do some work from home last night after the kids went to bed. Since it was a nice night I decided to go out in the garage and get organized. I’ve been gradually cleaning out various areas of my house this spring and throwing away things I don’t need anymore while doing a bit of organizing in the process, with the garage being my latest area of focus.

I typically work pretty late into the night when I do manage to work on the car since I can’t really get started until the kids are asleep, the house is picked up, and other priorities are sorted. By the time I am finished working on the car I don’t really feel like putting my tools away. So last night I put everything away and organized the “shop” a bit to be ready for the work sessions that are sure to go down over the next week as the final parts I have been waiting on to test drive the car arrive.

I’ve virtually lost hope for my hood arriving, so I decided to bolt the stock one down. My theory is that by taking the time to install my stock hood, the Hot Road hood will inevitably arrive. I guess the container is finally supposed to be at GTR Garage today or tomorrow for unloading, but it has been delayed so many times that I am not really getting excited about anything until it is physically in my garage.

My rear wheels have left VR wheels and should be here on Monday. I’ll take them along with my tires to be mounted Tuesday and pick them up Wednesday after work. I had to pick up a pair of spacers for the front wheels as they are just barely touching the coilover springs right now. I’m not sure why as they are 17x9J +15, but regardless those will be here Tuesday. I’m making a hardware store run tonight to get a few odd nuts and bolts that I need to finish off the final details.

I’m hoping to finish the aero and a bleed the brakes this weekend to be as close to ready as possible to put the car on the ground next Thursday or Friday. With any luck I’ll be able to pull it out of the garage, give it a wash, and take some photos of my car for the first time in a few years. Can’t wait!


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