Getting Things Handled

Like I have mentioned previously, my hope was to create a long post for restoring each category/section of the car, but I’m just not sure that is the most effective way to do things as the process is very much ongoing. I’ve decided to cut the size of the posts down a bit to allow me to continue to meet my target of posting some new content every Friday. This will give me time to collect the remaining items needed and take a bit of the pressure off. I’m sure I’ll also continue to post about other topics not necessarily related to restoration, including updates on the car and places I have driven it this season. Anyway, with that quick disclaimer let’s dive in to today’s post.

Can you tell this thing has been sitting for nearly two weeks?

I received a few OEM replacement components from Nissan Japan this week that I am really excited about- the first being exterior door handles. The paint on mine is chipped up and I am sure they have become brittle over the years. When inspecting the door handles a few weeks back, I found that there’s a rubber seal attached to them. Being that I am on a mission to replace everything rubber on this car, I found that it was only included with a complete handle assembly. Thankfully I was able to find them and order a pair. Note that the part number is different depending on the color of your car as these come pre-painted when purchased from Nissan. They’re discontinued in the states, but you might still be able to track them down if you do some digging.

Moving to the inside of the doors, I also picked up fresh trim pieces for the interior door handles. Mine aren’t in the worst shape, but it’s common for these to be faded and pretty banged up. These are also discontinued here in the states.

Finally, I also purchased a replacement driver’s side interior door handle. Again, no issues with mine currently for the most part, but this seemed like a no-brainer knowing its age and how often it is used. I would love to have one for the passenger side as well, but sadly they’ve been discontinued in both the US and Japan.

As for my car itself, it has been off the road for nearly two weeks now. My oil pan seal was leaking, so I removed the GReddy pan to reseal it. While it was off, I began to ponder if I even really needed this piece anymore since I have all but given up my dream of one day drifting the car. Seeing an opportunity to get a little cash back, I replaced it with a new OEM oil pan and bolts from Nissan. I also installed a fresh oil pressure switch now that my gauges have been removed from the car for the time being- the holes in my dashboard being something I still need a solution for.

Before getting the car back on the ground last night, I also installed the used emergency brake assembly I picked up locally to remove my spin turn knob. I’m happy to have a more stock appearing interior- just need to source a replacement dash that’s clean enough, but unfortunately I have not been able to find one just yet.

Currently working on a cigarette lighter replacement as well…

I also added some OEM front bearing grease caps to the front hubs since mine have been missing for a while. Looks much cleaner now!

I’ll fill the oil and give the car a quick once over tonight before heading to my friend Tim’s house on Friday morning to lend a hand with his S13 restoration project. I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and share a few of them here next week of the progress we make.

Happy Father’s Day to all of my fellow dads out there – enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Happy father’s day! Team Dads!

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