Holiday Weekend

Well, I can’t say I have a whole lot to say today! But I do want to keep my current streak of Friday blog posts alive as I think it is likely the most consistent I have ever been at adding content here on a regular basis.

I tossed my car on jack stands last night to give it a quick inspection before Alicia and I drive it to the Super D event in three weeks. It has been making a strange rotating noise that I have not been able to solve, but I don’t see anything glaringly obvious yet. I guess I’ll go through and tighten all of the suspension bolts and cross my fingers that it makes the trek to Wisconsin and back without any hiccups. I also need to order some brake rotors and replace those before the trip, but that will likely happen next week.

I am going to attempt to pick up a replacement dashboard from someone local this weekend. Fingers crossed this one actually turns out to be as clean as it has been described to be. If it does, I am probably going to sell the Defi gauges I just picked up and go back to only running the factory gauge cluster. I love having gauges, but a stock dash is really what I am going for these days. I thought I had found one a few weeks back but it turned out to not be up to my standards, so I sold it and found a good deal on my set of black Defi gauges to use in the mean time. They’re nice, but a clean dash would be nicer.

That’s about all I have to report right now. My oldest daughter went back to school this week and the weather has been cooler at night which is nice. Football starts up next weekend- I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before fall is in full swing! As usual I am hoping to drive the car as much as I can before it needs to be tucked away for the season.

Thanks for stopping by- enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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