Interior/Exterior Update

So, I decided some time ago to go a new direction with the exterior of the car. I found a Kouki 180SX front end on that came with the rare and discontinued OEM Front Lip, so I decided to jump on it back in October. After months of waiting patiently, the front end arrived last weekend. The bumper that came with it had a couple of cracks, so I purchased a new OEM bumper, position lights, and turn signals from Russell at I am going to sell the extra bumper and lights.

My wife was kind enough to get me some Kouki 180SX side skirts for my birthday- can you say awesome? I was also able to find an OEM spoiler and center rear valence, as well as a RPS13 Panel from The car is going to be repainted the same OEM Black in march or April, thanks to a great paint hookup from my friends Tim and Kevin- Thanks guys! I will post some mockups of everything installed soon.

New OEM Bumper, OEM Front Lip

OEM Bumper that came with the lip from Japan.

OEM 180SX Turn Signals

OEM 180SX Side Skirts

RPS13 Carbon Kevlar Look Panel

D-Max Floor mats- these were a nightmare to get too!

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