New Shoes…

So I really liked my Gram Lights, but I wasn’t wild about the Time Attack scheme. Some days I liked it, and at other times it bothered me. I decided to sell them and pick up a new set of wheels.

I scored a set of used Work CR Kai wheels from a Zilvia member. They are 17×9 +17 all around, silver powdercoat (optional Work finish):

All had some paint chips and two of them had curb rash. I took them to WeldCraft Wheels in Plymouth, MI and they smoothed/filled the lips where needed to get them looking new again:

Excuse the cat, haha

Tim took the wheels out to Grand Rapids for me to have his buddy Kevin repaint all four of them the current silver color. They should hopefully be done next week. My rear tires were completely smoked, so I am going to move my 225/45 Yokohama S Drives to the rear and get some 215/40 or 215/45s for the front. That will give me a bit more of a stretch all around. I might need to run spacers to fill everything out a bit, but we’ll see once they are done and on the car. I also picked up the decals for them, as well as some Work lug nuts:

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2 Responses to New Shoes…

  1. Rick says:

    HAHAHA that is one curious ass cat! All up in your overnight parts from Japan.

  2. TOP HEART says:

    i used to do a lot of business with weldcraft. good shit

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