Slow Progress

So progress has been a bit slow lately. Here is a rundown of what’s going on:

  • I ordered my tires and they just came in today- Dunlop DZ1o1- 215/45/17 F, 225/40/18 R
  • I sold two of the CR Kais and ordered two 18×9.5 +12 for the rear. They should be here from Japan sometime in March. Once they arrive, I will have them all painted and the tires mounted.
  • I dropped off the head at Ann Arbor Auto Machine to be checked and decked a week ago. I am REALLY hoping it’s all done and good to go by tomorrow so that I can work on reassembly on Saturday.
  • I got an order last week from That included: kouki fender extensions, timing chain kit, rear main seal, engine temp sensor, turbo outlet gasket, O2 sensor, and water pump studs. I also bought an OEM clutch fan and sold my electric fans for simplicity’s sake. OEM shroud is on back order.
  • My AEM wideband arrived. I also FINALLY found a Defi 80mm tach, so I am going to build a custom gauge cluster this summer with the help of Mr. Toby Broadfield.
  • I also purchased a new GReddy oil pan, so that is ready to be bolted up to the motor when it is all reassembled.
  • Today I ordered some transmission related parts and gaskets, along with some Tomei Poncams from Russell at Those should be here sometime next week.

I photoshopped what I hope the car will look like come spring time. I didn’t do a 17/18 stagger at the time though- I think the fitment should be a lot better this summer!

That’s all for now, updates with engine assembly very soon!

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2 Responses to Slow Progress

  1. broadfield says:

    That’s a lot of parts man! I think you have more money than I do : )

    Looking good as always though.


  2. haha, I don’t know about that! Thanks man…

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