We didn’t make quite as much progress as I hoped today, but Tim and I got some stuff done:

– Got the head back from the machine shop on Friday.
– Cleaned the surface of the block.
– Installed oil pump.
– Installed water pump.
– Installed NISMO thermostat.
– Installed S14 oil pickup/gasket.
– Installed timing chain/guides.

Tim is going to take the upper oil pan in to hot tank/clean it and then we can install the upper/GReddy oil pans. After that, we will drop the head back on with the Tomei Poncams and the intake manifold/turbo setup. The motor should be all back together really soon!

I am borrowing some spare wheels/tires tonight to sit the car down on the ground and test fit the kouki stuff. I’ll post some pics up tomorrow.

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