Final Engine Parts

So I got the final engine related pieces I need to put it all back together (for the most part) over the weekend. Huge thanks to Russell and for hooking me up like crazy- as always!

Tomei Poncams

Transmission related goodies, freeze plugs, misc. hardware, etc.

Freebies from Russell- Brake fluid and oil filters. Thanks man!

After test fitting my rear valences, I found that the center piece was a fiberglass knockoff. I think it could have fit totally fine with some work, but that kind of stuff tends to really bother me. I ordered a complete set of OEM JDM rear valences from Dewey at, so those should be here soon. I think a friend is going to buy the old valences.

I’ll be heading out to the west side of the state tomorrow to work on engine assembly. I’m hoping to leave there tomorrow night with the head back on and bolted up, the upper and lower oil pans assembled, and the cams installed. Then all I need to do is paint the block/head and complete the assembly by adding the intake manifold, turbo manifold, and other accessories. It should be great when it all comes together!

I am also having Toby Broadfield ( build be a custom Defi gauge cluster. I still need to decide on a speedometer, order that and the fuel level gauge, and source an oem gauge cluster to use. Once I have those things, I’ll be shipping it all out to him in Illinois so he can work his magic on them! It should be pretty cool in the end. 🙂 More updates very soon!

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