Wiring (Calling All Broadfields)

haha- so yeah. I worked on the car a little bit last night…

I got a Mishimoto Heat Wrap kit from Edgar @ Swapped- got a great deal and it came next day! Thanks Edgar! The PSM downpipe is tucked so tightly to the floor that I wanted to wrap it to help with the temps a bit:

(Image lost)

Then I started on the wiring/fuse boxes. I pulled both fuse boxes out of the engine bay and plan to fabricate some brackets and splash shields in there to protecting everything, but it will be nice to have it all out of the bay:

My Toby question is this: How/where did you route the lower engine harness with the fuse box in the fender well? I’m just not sure where to route the wiring/plugs for the alternator, trans, oil pressure switch, etc. Did you run them under the car somehow?

I also put my fabric-free door panels in, but forgot to snap a pic. I just need to wire my gauges and install/mount the Power FC and then I will finally be done with the interior and put the last remaining panels into place. My black braided lines for the fuel system should be here today, as well as a Woodruff key that Russell overnighted to me- thanks again bud! More progress soon…

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1 Response to Wiring (Calling All Broadfields)

  1. broadfield says:

    Yeah, anything on the lower part of the engine that goes to the fuse box I routed down the lower frame rail. I basically ran everything I needed, then wrapped it in black loom. I then fastened it to the lower frame rail with black cable clamps and screws. Then once I got to the front of the car I routed it over into the lower wheel well area right below where the A/C dryer is . Then that is all covered by the lower front section of the wheel well liner. Mine is not really noticeable on the frame rail. And that is even in a white bay. Your black bay will hide it no problem!

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