Oh So Close…

Alright, so here I am neglecting the blog AGAIN. Sorry about that, if anyone is out there, haha.

I feel a lot more accomplished when I update my blog, as opposed to my build threads on the forums that get updates every day or two. It feels like I am never getting anywhere with this project, but when I update the blog and see how much has gotten done in the last couple of weeks- despite working full time, working on the house, and having plans away from home almost every weekend- I feel good about where things are at.

So, here is how it sits now:

The entire wiring harness is completely installed. I am really happy with how the “mild tuck” came out. It looks pretty clean, but wasn’t a ton of work to make it look like that. I made brackets for the fuse boxes and tucked them under their original locations. The lower harness is down near the frame rail and is tucked away pretty nicely in the black bay- I just have to tie some of the wires together to keep everything organized. I also installed a steel one piece driveshaft from The Driveshaft Shop:

My battery is just too old and tired, so I ordered a Braille 17 lbs battery from The Tire Rack this morning to replace it. Last night, I hooked the car up to my daily via jumper cables to check that everything had power and see if it would blow up or start smoking or something. Thankfully, the door chime came on, the lights lit up, the fuel pump primed, and the Power FC came on! I am SO excited… it’s so great to see the car with some life again:

So, the interior is 100% back together. I need to wire my illuminated key ring and install my 180sx cluster when it is modified, but for now it is all set and ready to go. As for starting it up, I am basically waiting on the following things:

  • Install battery (Arrives Monday)
  • Install t-bolt clamps (Arrives Tuesday)
  • Install hot pipe and HKS SSQV3 BOV (Hoping to have the flange welded on by Wednesday)
  • Set TPS
  • Fill fluids- coolant, oil, power steering, transmission, bleed clutch, etc.
  • Enter base map into Power FC (Got a base map from Steve Shadows)
  • Install GReddy Intake
  • Install boost controller
  • Install misc. coolant and vacuum hoses (almost done with this)

At this point, I think it will fire up on Wednesday night, assuming all goes well! I know there are usually snags, though, so we’ll see what happens. Very excited to see it on the road!

One other thing- about two weeks ago I lowered the car some more up front and sat it on the ground. The front end was all mocked up with zip ties at this point. I think it will come down just a little bit more, but I don’t want to go insane with it. Suspension will be adjusted before it sees the ground again.

So that’s about it for now. Hopefully, the next update will include a startup video and some pics of the car out in the sunlight! 🙂 It’s finally getting good…


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1 Response to Oh So Close…

  1. Hector Lara says:

    Hey dude just like to say awesome car i have been keeping an eye on it
    thru drama’s playhouse. I bought the issue of modified and let me just say
    you deserve a round of applause. NISSAN done right

    hope to see further improvements if not a next project
    im getting ready to begin my s14

    sincerely, Hector from Orlando,FL

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