…for now that is, haha. The car has officially been on the road for about a week and a half now without any major hiccups. My only issues so far have been squealing belts as they broke in, a screw in one of my new tires, an oil leak, and an exhaust leak after the dyno session. Aside from that, the car has been driving really well and starting right up!

Alicia was out of town last weekend, so I got to hit up a few meets and hang out with some car friends in my spare time. It was great to actually go to a meet, let alone in my 240! It still doesn’t feel real when I walk out to the car after work and start it every day- it’s so great to have it back on the road! Here are a couple shots from the weekend:

So, I picked up some Kouki 180SX Type X front seats yesterday. They are coming from an importer in California and should be here Friday or Saturday via Greyhound. As a result, my Gray S14 front seats are up for sale! For now, I am only going to use the passenger seat and keep rocking the Bride Zeta III Type L for the driver’s side. I have considered selling it, though, and using the full 180SX seat setup. I really don’t need the Bride for a street setup, and it is inconvenient at times, but it is also really cool… so I might not be able to bring myself to sell it.

Other than that, I just have a lot of cruising to do. I bought a Tomei TRAX 2-way differential from a good friend, so I will toss that in and sell the VLSD as soon as I have it. I am planning to cruise down to Toby’s BBQ in Normal, Illinois in a couple weeks, so looking forward to meeting those guys in person and hanging out! If you’re planning to be there and are looking for S14 seats, hit me up!


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2 Responses to Done…

  1. Henry says:

    Very nice, twin straight pipe anytime soon ? 😛

  2. haha, nah I don’t think so. I really like my D-Max catback!

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