Almost Tune Time…

So- I finally have a tuning appointment scheduled with Matt at Monkey Wrench Racing for this Tuesday. Getting everything ready before then, however, is proving to be a pain in the butt, haha.

I took my hot pipe to a shop to weld the flange for the HKS SSQV3, and they ended up breaking the BOV:

So yeah… HKS confirmed that it is genuine, but they cannot repair it or replace the unit due to install error. I am working with the shop and hope that I will be compensated, but I doubt it- I am pretty bummed. Thankfully, Ken and the crew at Enjuku Racing (Thanks a lot Ant!) stepped up and are getting me a GReddy Type RZ BOV, Hot pipe with flange welded on, and recirculation fitting to my door  by Friday. I was planning to have Shane and one of his friends out tonight to help get the idle right and do some base street tuning, but that will now be pushed off until the weekend when the BOV is installed.

Assuming that goes at least somewhat well, I will still make the tuning appointment on Tuesday. Cross your fingers for me, I hope everything between now and then goes at least somewhat as planned! I’ll keep you guys posted. 🙂


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