After over 9 months passing since I last drove the car, I took it out again for the first time yesterday. It actually started up on Wednesday, July 14th- it took a few tries to get everything primed, but the car fired right up! It seemed to have lifter tick and some leaks at first, but the lifter noise has gone away. I started by running it for about two minutes the first night with no leaks. The next time I started it, I had a couple of leaking fuel lines, so I got those sorted out. On the next startup, I let it run for about ten minutes and realized there was a coolant leak on the line running from the turbo to the head- the one that sucks to get to.

Luckily, my friend Mike came out and gave me a hand, so we got that leak all closed up and also solved a pretty big vacuum leak. We messed with timing adjustment, but I don’t have it set perfectly to 15 degrees yet. The closer we get to the correct timing, the lower the idle gets. We messed with the IACV a bit. but I am still working the kinks out.

Despite those issues and some other things that need to be buttoned up, I did manage to do 4 laps around the neighborhood last night. It stalled a couple of times due to the low idle, but once it is rolling it drives really well! I can’t believe how stiff the Cusco engine mounts are- it is a lot different now, haha. But anyway, I also washed it for the first time in nearly a year last night- here are some pics of the (mostly) finished project!

My brother just got a 2005 Mini Cooper S JCW Edition this week- I really like it!

So yeah, that’s how it sits! Here is what’s left before I can daily it:

  • Tuning at Monkey Wrench
  • Have BOV flange welded/install BOV
  • Adjust front ride height (remove 1 collar)
  • Add screws to front lip
  • Adjust/fab rear exhaust mounts
  • Adjust idle to idle consistently
  • Adjust camber/get an alignment

Once these things are taken care of, it should be in really good shape! Hoping to have it tuned within two weeks at the latest. I’ll keep you guys posted! Thanks again to my friends and family for all of their help through this and for putting up with me! 🙂


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4 Responses to Success!

  1. Olly says:

    Dude it looks so good.. Amazingly good.. Well done!

  2. brendon says:

    Looks AMAZING, great attention to detail. Black is the only color for type-x.

  3. Aaron says:

    Agreed with Olly! Loving the look, great job dude.

  4. Shane says:

    Dude. Followed this thing from the beginning and DAMN this thing has come a long way. Looks absolutely great man. I tip my hat to you hahaha.

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