I did it…

I placed my order and sent payment this morning for a six point, bolt-in, dash escape Cusco roll cage from ACV mailorder out of Ohio! Special thanks to Aaron for helping me out with all of my questions and giving me a great price match! And thanks to my family for the birthday money- it’s obviously being put to good use! lol. It is being made in Japan and should arrive in 4-8 weeks. Now the long wait begins!

Nate Hassler of Modified Magazine was kind enough to send me high-res versions of the photos from my Modified feature earlier this week. I was super impressed with the work he did- thanks for the amazing photos, Nate!

Here is a link to my Flikr page with the photos.

I’d also like to thank Peter from Modified for hunting me down and featuring my car on the cover of Modified! This is honestly a dream come true for me, and something that I never imagined would actually happen to me. Very, very cool. I’ll be ordering some more copies of the issue from those guys, so if anyone out there overseas or something happens to read my blog (which I doubt, LOL) and can’t get a hold of a copy, but would like one, let me know!

The snow has started here, with more on the way this weekend. We haven’t gotten much, but this marks the end of the season for my car. I gassed it up and pulled it into the garage a couple of nights ago until the weather breaks in April. I’ll keep this updated this winter as my project continues! Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to I did it…

  1. Aaron says:

    Super amazing photos Damon!!

    Congratulations on your car being featured on the cover of Modified!!
    Keep up the great work and your car is still the cleanest I’ve seen bro.

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