Fixed Theme.

Yeah, I stole Teddy’s theme. Now I can actually have photos on here that aren’t all compressed horizontally and tiny- so that will be nice!

We got about 6″ of snow here over the weekend, with drifts over 1 ft. high depending on where you look. I learned that shoveling the driveway is not a lot of fun- especially when it is wet, heavy snow. A snow blower is for sure on the wish list after that experience.

I’m really geeked about getting some work done on the car, but I suppose there isn’t a rush at all. It has been about 15 degrees out or so ever since the storm came through, with wind chills well below zero, so something about laying out in the garage just doesn’t sound all that fun. The D-Max coilovers should be here soon, though, so I am pumped about that! I’m hoping to finish putting the Tomei shifter together tomorrow and get that in the car later this week- maybe on Thursday night.

I’m thinking about either getting some different wheels this winter, or getting mine professionally powder coated. The less-than-perfect paint on them has really been bugging me. I still really like the wheels and how they fit, though. I think the only thing I would ditch them for is a set of TEs, but I’m not wild about the cost. If I do get the wheels powder coated, it will be a bright silver color similar to how they are now- if not brighter.

That’s about it for now. I’m going to start pulling the front suspension for the makeover and the rest of the interior stuff to make way for the cage soon. I also decided to put my 180SX cluster in, so that will go down soon as well. I’ll post some pics as soon as goodies show up!

Happy Holidays! 🙂

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