New Shell!

Long story short, I am picking up a 90 SE hatch rolling chassis from a friend on Thursday night. I am probably going to save up for an SR and get it on the road in the spring of 2012. This will be a very long-term, low budget build if anything- unlike my black car. Hoping to give drifting a try when it is finished and on the road. If drifting is not cool anymore by the time that happens, I’ll probably just sell it. lol.

Here are some pics. Pretty clean overall!

Let the cleaning/interior painting/cash saving begin!

In other news, the Cusco cage is on it’s way from Chicago right now. It should be here on Friday. I’ll be traveling to Normal, IL this weekend to see Toby and Kyle, but I will start installing that next week!

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1 Response to New Shell!

  1. Michael Nolan says:

    If drifting isn’t cool by 2012, I will:
    A) Kill Myself
    B) Build a 240 gt style…
    you should do the same… lol

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