As of yesterday, the cage is all bolted in and installed. Just working on finishing up the interior installation and that side of things will be all set!

I guess my cross bar is backwards, so I fixed that.

Tie rods and roll center adjusters are on the way for the front, so that is the next project- gotta get all of that back together before the the week of the 22nd, since that is when my wheels are supposed to arrive- hopefully they are right on schedule! I can’t wait.

If I have the time after that stuff is done, I am hoping to have my front bumper, lip, and a better set of front fenders painted and installed. Then it should be totally ready for spring and looking good. I might add N1 vents while I am at it, but I am undecided.

As for the shell, I decided to sell it- want to focus on making the Rat Ride cooler instead of spending more money on another car. It should hopefully be gone sometime in march!

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3 Responses to by CUSCO

  1. Jeff says:

    The way Tomei is looking at the camera reminds me of the Wolf meme we were talking about last week when you were down.

  2. Jase says:

    I cant wait to get my through dash cage w/ door bars. Will go hand in hand w/ my Miracle Cross Bar.

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