500 Mile Weekend…

We had a very strange heat wave pass through the mitten this weekend, so Alicia and I took full advantage of the weather by taking the Rat Ride out to the GVSU car show on Saturday to hang out on campus & see some old friends. It ended up being a really good time!

It was just under fifty degrees out Saturday morning when I busted the hose out for the first wash of the season- not super nice. It warmed up to about 70 and the sun came out in the afternoon though, so that was very awesome.

I won best import, lol.

Afterward, Alicia and I went out to Grand Haven to hang out at the beach on Lake Michigan. We cruised around down town and grabbed some dinner before heading home back East. Pretty awesome weekend!

I should have a status report on the TEs later this week. At this point, I just need to cut and install the rear seat panels for the cage, toss the wheels and tires on when they arrive, and fix a trans fluid leak from the speed sensor. I want to make sure the car is running really well before Import Alliance in July. Looking forward to more driving and updates very soon.


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3 Responses to 500 Mile Weekend…

  1. Jase says:

    Sleepy Eye’s must be Sleep at all times!

    I’m jealous of your driving adventures.

    • Damon says:

      haha, I know man! I have not bothered to wire up my Pivot controller, so I crank them by hand. I bumped the switch on the way to the show and never cranked them back to sleep, LOL. I need to get on that and wire it up!

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