For Brian HARTE

So my wife and I drove down to Savannah, Georgia to see my sister-in-law last weekend. We drove her Acura down there for her, so that was not too exciting. BUT, I did happen upon some cool airplane stuff- so I thought I would post it for BH. Mostly because I haven’t updated this in forever…

While we were outside waiting to go check out the campus, five jets flew over and did some sky writing advertising an air show. I had never seen anything like this before- pretty cool. I’m sure they were some kind of F-Somethings, but I have no idea:

We wanted to go to the air show, but it was 90 miles away. :/ Bummer.

Then, on the flight home, we had some boss-spec Recaro seats on the plane. This was the holder for the tray table:

Turns out Air-Tran is baller. Who knew?

TE37s in USA one week from today. I hope.


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