Holiday Weekend

So, not a lot new to report. I think I drove the 240 every day of June and never touched the Camry, so that has been really nice. No issues with the car to report at this point- I am going to finish going over it this weekend and then it should be all set for the journey to Import Alliance two weeks from today. I am pumped! Alicia and I will be driving down to southern Indianapolis on Friday morning to meet up with Kyle and his buddy Jason with a red LS1 FD on TE37SLs. From there, we will make the rest of the trek to Tennessee, stopping to join the third and final checkpoint of the Honda Tech (lol) caravan along the way.

A guy that was at Eyes on Design a couple Sundays ago posted this video he shot of the “Tuner” section at the show. The last fifteen seconds or so show my car mowing the grass for them on my way out, haha:

My wife and I finally got smart phones last weekend, so I am hoping to be able to post more updates to this from now on. It’s so much less work now, haha. I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!


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3 Responses to Holiday Weekend

  1. Freddy says:

    Cool stuff Damon..any info on that Conquest??
    Is this the same one??

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