Well, after over 4k miles of virtually trouble-free driving, the car died on me on the way home from a Cars & Coffee meet over the weekend:

I blew out 4 or 5 ignition switch fuses in less than four miles. Ended up ponying up the cash to have it towed home, which was 60 miles away. I tore into it when I got home and found that the chassis harness loom had water trapped in it and the shielding from three power wires had been worn off. I believe the wires were hitting the chassis and causing the fuse to pop. This was all due to my jenky fuse box relocation.

On the 4th, I moved the fuse boxes back into the engine bay and sealed up all of the wiring. After that, I tossed the front end back on, along with my fender liners. I took the car to work today and the issue seems to be all sorted out. Thankfully this crept up now instead of hundreds of miles away from Import Alliance next weekend!


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1 Response to Busted

  1. Teddy says:

    Glad to hear you got it all figured out bud. I was wondering what had happened when I saw the photo on Zilvia.

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