I think I jinxed it…

I lost fifth gear on the way home yesterday. An old guy in front of me slowed down to 20 MPH exiting 96 onto M59, so when I cleared him I wound out second gear and shifted into what I thought was third gear. The engine just free reved- turns out I had shifted into and busted fifth gear, lol. My transmission has been grinding into 5th ever since I bought the car, but has recently gotten a bit worse. I guess that hard shift was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I started to tear into it last night and made some pretty solid progress considering I had an hour to work with. I removed the shifter, drive shaft, slave cylinder, trans mount (partially,) down pipe bracket, and almost all of the bellhousing bolts. I’ve got to break the top four of them loose and then I should be able to pull it out of there.

Broken transmission? Huge lens flare should fix that right up...

Thankfully, my friend and Formula D superstar Mike has a spare SR trans that he is going to hook me up with on the cheap. Maybe Zilvia will give me some more street cred now that I have a drift driver’s trans in the car, lol. I’ll be out of town all weekend, so I’m hoping to have this all taken care of by Wednesday of next week at the latest so that I can test drive it for a couple days before the drive to Wekfest a week from tomorrow.

For now, I’m rolling in the beast. In honor of this occasion, I may have to do a post giving the rundown of the origins of CamryOnBronze…

I’ll keep you guys posted on progress…

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7 Responses to Whoops…

  1. Mike Martino says:

    *CamryOnBronze history post waiting* LOL

  2. Same thing that i said on Kyle´s Blog Kudos for you car bro! too bad about the Trans!

  3. Nice pics brother. Rockin’ the dslr 🙂 Or is this Droid-ography?

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