Sorry about the lack of updates- I’ve been slacking big time.

Let’s see… I tore the car apart on Tuesday night. I sold my Koyo radiator, so I had to pull that out and get it ready to ship. I also got rid of my Zeta III and my Kouki 180SX rear seat, so those have been shipped out as well. I am looking for a buyer for the kouki 180SX passenger seat, so let me know if you are looking for one!

Terrible cell shot, lol.

While the radiator was out, I decided to install my GReddy alternator pulley. The one I got was used and didn’t come with the washer/spacer for installation, so I am off to the hardware store after work to try to find something that will work. Then I’ll be able to drop the GReddy radiator in as well.

I’ve also got the suspension torn apart a bit. I purchased an S15 Helical diff from a friend, so I am in the process of putting that on the car. I just need to seal the cover back up and top off the fluid, then that will take the place of the Tomei 2 way. I liked the Tomei a lot, but it’s just too much for the street on a daily driven car. It sounds like I’ll be delivering that to none other than Mr. Soapgun himself next weekend.

Finally, I am installing my Cusco tension, RUCA, and traction rods. I am still trying to decide what to replace the SPC toe rods with. I would love to do the Cusco units, but they are a pretty big chunk of change. I wouldn’t have all of the other Cusco arms if I didn’t get a great deal on them. We’ll see though, maybe I can boss up, lol.

I’m planning to finish most of this by Saturday night. The new seats won’t be here until late next week, though- which is a bummer. Here’s a little something that showed up yesterday for the new setup- hopefully that will keep you guys interested!

So yeah- keep a lookout! I’ll have to post an update early next week. In the mean time, check out Kyle’s progress– dude is making serious moves and putting me to shame. Love that car so much… KING OF RED.


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2 Responses to Yikes…

  1. titopr06 says:

    cant wait to see the new seats! all cusco would be impressive!

  2. thanks for the shoutout BROmeo

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