I barely had any time to touch the car last night, but I decided to skip dinner and get this thing back on the ground. There is nothing better than finally pulling the jackstands and starting your car to roll it off of the boards after having it all torn apart- even if it was only off the road for about a week.

My friend Mike loaned me some Fortune toe rods and a Bride Zeta III to use while I am in between parts, so that was super nice. I still need to decide what I want to run for toe rods- I want the Cusco ones to match everything, but they don’t have a bend in the rods to clear the subframe. I don’t think it will be an issue, but something to consider for sure.

Tonight I need to bolt the Zeta in, burp the coolant, and adjust the rear camber a bit. Apparently I did a bad job matching the new arms up to the old ones, because the tire is touching the sheet metal on the driver’s side and at about -4 on the passenger side, lol. I’ll take it in for a proper alignment again when I get some permanent toe rods on there.

So yeah, so stoked to drive this thing! The weather has been feeling a lot more like fall lately, which is a total bummer. It was 39 degrees out when I let the dog out this morning. I can feel winter creeping in- better get some enjoyment out of the car before ol’ Mother Nature decides to throw down.

My new seats left Cali yesterday, so they should be here sometime early/mid next week. Can’t wait to install them and post some pics! Thanks for reading my ramblings.


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