FT86 Leak

So I’m sure everyone has seen the FT86 brochure images that leaked today. I decided to take a crack at the car with my mediocre Photoshop skills…

Pretty cool! I think it will have potential for sure. I am nowhere near baller enough to be in the market for a brand new car, but this gives me faith. I am super bummed it will be sold as a Scion in the states though- I’ve always been a Toyota guy, but the Scion brand can be pretty lame sometimes. Would much rather see this thing rocking the Toyota badge in the states!


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1 Response to FT86 Leak

  1. Jani says:

    looks good dude. Im buying one for sure here in Aust. At least it will be a Toyota here. Only problem is if it costs $25k in the U.S, it will cost closer to $40k in Aust. Funny that the Aust. $ is the same as the US$. We get ripped off for everything here. Especially cars and houses.

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