Previously Unreleased…

Just some snaps I took with my cell phone while Kyle was taking dope pics. These have a more period-correct vibe, haha.

I removed my Ganador mirrors and door panels last night- but don’t worry! A set of blue tint S13 specific Ganadors are on the way to my door today. Looks like they are already black in the pics too, so hopefully I don’t need to paint them. I think I am going to try to wire them up over the winter as well- would love to have them actually work.

Blue Tint! Photo from the importer.

As for the door panels, I think I am going to try to sell my set of black logo panels. If they don’t sell, I will just rip off the black fabric and install the red fabric the next time I am in Illinois over the winter. Should be pretty cool! I’ll probably snap some final pictures next week before I really start tearing into the car. I don’t want to just yet, but with the alternator down for the count and this going on, I think the time is just about here:

Yep, that's in Fahrenheit. :/

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading!


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  1. Paul says:

    hi im trying to find you on facebook if you have 2 minutes add me Paul Suciu im in Canada qc, im planing to do a trip next summer i would like to come see you!

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