Farewell, Ol’ Girl…

I sold my first car yesterday- my 94 Toyota Camry- for $550. The car that started it all if you will, haha. My mom bought it for me back in May 2003 with 109,600 miles on it and it has been my daily (mostly in the winter months) ever since. Eight and a half years and 135,000 of my own miles later, I finally said goodbye yesterday. Kind of a weird feeling selling a car! The only car I had sold before this was an S13 rolling chassis that a friend gave me as partial payment for my Work wheels that I owned for less than a month.

Here are some shots through the years- pretty lame, but she was my baby for a while haha.

It wasn’t fast, and I got made fun of a lot for it, but it was an amazing car. I couldn’t really have asked for more- learned to drive, turn a wrench, and had a lot of fun times in this thing. Hopefully the new owner gets some use out of it before it finally gives up the ghost, haha. Here are a couple shots of how it looked before the new owner picked it up:

Thanks for the memories, Camzilla!

My wife’s 99 Solara V6 Auto will serve as my daily driver for now. On the hunt for a Honda Element for her- then maybe something new for me to replace the Solara. We’ll see what happens!

More 240 action soon- thanks for allowing me the trip down memory lane, haha.


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1 Response to Farewell, Ol’ Girl…

  1. nathanong87 says:

    what’s wrong with u man. i have the same camry in green. we were soul mates weilding dual camrys and zeros. but now…i feel lost.

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