Engine Removal

I didn’t get a lot of time this weekend, but I managed to scrape together a couple of hours last night and get my engine and transmission out of the car. Thankfully I didn’t hit any snags or drop the motor or anything like that- I was a little wary of removing it all by myself, but things went my way and it wasn’t too bad.

I ran into a small snag with the height of my garage door, but I lowered things down a bit, shut the door, and was able to pull the engine out to the side- thankfully it wasn’t a very big deal.

Alicia insisted on the obligatory "JDM Pose" photo op.

Back on the ground...

Drift missile status... let's fix that.

My side of the garage is pretty trashed right now, haha. Too much stuff everywhere…

More updates soon- Chase Bays parts should be here by the end of the week I hope. Time to start getting the battery tray out and welding things shut. Happy Holidays!



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2 Responses to Engine Removal

  1. Jason Tang says:

    Dude soo jelly, I need to put some more mods into the Subie haha.

  2. Rellz says:

    How did you get your battery tray out. Mine is all rusted and it’s time for it to come out lol. I’m trying to get my bay like yours lol

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