Attempt #1- Failed.

Sorry about not posting an update yesterday- I don’t think I even made a week of posting every day, lol. I’ll try to make up for that this weekend, though…

I got all of the remaining stuff sorted out (or so I thought) and added all of the fluids to the car last night. Unfortunately, it’s not starting at the moment. I’m going to test a few things and tinker with it tonight. I am guessing that it is something simple- the fuel pump runs when I turn the key to “START” and I can hear the starter relay click. I have MAF voltage, so that should take care of both fuel and air. I’ve got to check to see if the signal wire is sending a signal to the starter or not.

Stay tuned- it’s gotta be a small, stupid issue. I’ll be sure to post up when I figure this out!


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1 Response to Attempt #1- Failed.

  1. Oliver says:

    Starter motor wired up?

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