Fired Up

Well, the people of the internet were right- lol. After not being able to get the car to fire up after filling all of the fluids and buttoning everything up last night, about a dozen people told me it was the grounds. I never knew these had such a big effect on whether or not a car will crank. I got home from work, tightened up all of the grounds, and sure enough- the car cranked.

My battery was a little too dead from the winter to get the job done, so I pulled the battery out of my daily and tossed that in the car. A couple of cranks later and the car fired right up! Nothing beats the feeling of starting your car for the first time in six months. Feels like a great accomplishment, and a huge relief. FEELS GOOD MAN.

The car did the standard Power FC weirdness for a while, but I think it is all straightened out now. I need to adjust the idle a bit, but there are no leaks so far- pretty cool!

I was super motivated to get stuff done after that, but the busy week with not a lot of sleep really took it out of me. I got the fenders installed, and am hoping to have the whole front end & headlights back on the car tomorrow. As soon as that is done, I will move on to the interior! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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4 Responses to Fired Up

  1. franklin says:

    Hell yeah dude thats awesome! can’t wait to see you put it all back together!

  2. Rellz says:

    Sounds like music to my ears. Congrats!

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