Looking More Like a Car…

Today I had a free afternoon after assembling various baby contraptions from the baby shower during the morning. The first order of business was to mount the coolant overflow. Kyle came up with a pretty good idea, so I ended up going with it and mounted it on one of the front support brackets:

All I will have to do to fill it is remove the ARC cooling panel, so that should end up working out well. After that was done, I reinstalled the intercooler, hood latch, front bumper beam, headlight brackets & headlights, and fenders. My headlights were not returning down after popping up, but I knew that was due to an existing issue with the return down relay. I rewired the relay and everything seems to be all set now. The front bumper and lip are just tossed on the car without hardware right now. It has been a while since I have seen the car like this, so I thought I would toss it on to check it out:

Hopefully I will have some more time tomorrow afternoon to finish the front bumper/lip and move on to getting the interior straightened out. Once the exterior and interior are in good shape, I am going to work on dropping the rear subframe to install my PBM subframe risers and Z32 rear brake setup. Looking forward to it all coming together!


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4 Responses to Looking More Like a Car…

  1. Shane Lach says:

    My coolant over flow is in the same exact place.

  2. pancerzsx says:

    I didn’t know you were having a baby. Boy or girl?

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