Test Fit

I got a little free time to test fit my new catback last night. It’s a little bit off center, so I need to take it back off and move the hangers a little bit to make sure it mounts up straight in the opening between the rear valences. I think it should look really cool when it is mounted correctly though:

I also got the front hubs and brakes back on the car. Temporary spacers come for the front tomorrow, so that will allow me to put the car on the ground. I probably won’t do that until I finish the brakes, though. I ordered the fittings and tubing I need to make my own lines today, so hopefully that will go down next week.

I decided to try to run -AN fittings and braided hoses for the vacuum line that runs from the brake booster to the intake manifold. I ordered a fitting for the booster, so I will have my buddy Mike weld that on before the booster is painted next week. Should be pretty cool hopefully! Stay tuned and hopefully I will make some progress. Would really love to have this thing on the road by the end of the month!



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3 Responses to Test Fit

  1. titopr06 says:

    looking good!!!
    im planning on doing the same thing with the booster.
    what will you be doing for the plastic piece that blocks the vacuum back to the manifold?

    • I’m not totally sure about that yet. I was thinking about just using those -AN looking dress up clamps to hold the check valve and tuck it behind the valve cover.

  2. titopr06 says:

    exactly what i thought about doing!!

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