Old vs. New

My old rear setup with the TE37 was 18×9.5 +12 and 225/40/18 Yokohama S-Drive. The new rear with the Blitz Type 03 is 18×10.5 +20 and 235/40/18 Dunlop DZ101.

The new setup should only be 5mm more aggressive than the old setup offset wise, which I thought would give me a little more camber like I wanted. I forgot to take into account the fact that the car is now sitting about 1″ lower in the back due to swapping out the SPL subframe bushings for the PBM solid subframe risers. The addition of the lower height and the extra 5mm has required me to run a lot more camber to clear the fenders. This is a bit excessive for what I prefer to run on the car.

The tires were dismounted this morning, and the wheels will head back to Yuta at WheelFlip in California this afternoon for adjustment to the offset. I am hoping that they can fill & redrill to bring the wheels to about 18×10.5 +25 or so, so that I don’t have to sacrifice any lip or width in the process. We’ll see what happens! The front wheels are still waiting on their custom front lips to be completed.


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